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Fusing technology, space, and architecture, Sticks offers a creative lighting toolkit for integrating light elements in an interior space. Pure and graphic, the minimalist aluminium rods transform linear light into a floating sculpture.
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Designed by

Arik Levy

Arik Levy

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Sticks consists of three metal profiles, each of which rotates on its own axis, allowing light to be directed exactly where needed.

The Sticks measure 59", 78 3/4", and 118", connecting together to reach a maximum length of 177 inches, with a single electrical connection.

Custom configurations include ceiling-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, floor-to-wall, wall-to-ceiling, or pendant. Their shape and projected light create and disrupt architectural planes.

Pure and graphic, Sticks brightens corners and dead zones, integrating architecture through light
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Technical information


/1 2700K
/3 3500K

Installation type

  • Surface Canopy
    Floor base & plug
    Remote driver - Built-in Micro


  • Polycarbonate diffuser


  • Bar: Aluminum


IP20 1 4
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Solutions for every space
You can create your own layout adding connectable sticks or stand-alone model to your composition.
Light effect
Light effect
Connection between sticks
Connection between sticks
Connecting space application
Sticks can be connected together in the following ways: ceiling-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, floor-to-wall, wall-to-ceiling, or pendant.
Floor models can be free-standing or floor to wall, connecting two planes of the same room.
Wall / Ceiling
Wall / Ceiling
Wall / Ceiling
Wall/ceiling models can go from wall to wall, ceiling to ceiling or wall to ceiling, forming a corner, uniting planes in the same space.
Pendant models can be horizontal, vertical or attached at one end to the wall, uniting planes.
Installation types
Choose the installation type that best suits your project.
Floor base & plug
Floor base & plug
Surface canopy
Surface canopy
Remote driver recessed micro canopy
 Remote driver recessed micro canopy
Select your Sticks
Sticks Connectable
Create your Sticks in 3 easy steps
Choose the location for your electrical connection point
Add connectable sticks up to 177 inches per electrical connection point.
+ Color temperature
+ Dimming Control
+ Installation type
+ Cable length
Without needing to draw your project, you will be able to create your own Sticks according to your project needs
Create my Sticks
Sticks Stand-alone
Floor lamp with one or two Sticks, producing ambient lighting effect or indirect light depending on rod rotation. Includes electric cable with plug to facilitate installation.
Ref. 7338
Ref. 7339
Ref. 7348
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