Vibia Brightens Turin’s Bolpetta Restaurant

Located in the historic Borgo Po district of Turin, Italy, Bolpetta restaurant pays tribute to the renowned gastronomic traditions of the country’s Emilia-Romagna region.


Vibia - Stories - Bolpetta gretastella - Palma

Photo credits: Greta Stella / Velvet Lab


Featuring exposed brick walls, marble-topped tables, and vintage print wallpaper in vibrant hues, designers Gianluca Bocchetta and Giulia Farinotti of Velvet Lab created a relaxed and welcoming setting for a celebration of the eatery’s signature dish—meatballs.


Amid the modern furnishings and lighting is Vibia’s Palma pendant, which brightens Bolpetta’s first floor. Designed by Antoni Arola, Palma reimagines the classic globe lamp with two semi-circles of blown opal glass joined by an aluminum strap.


Vibia - Stories - Bolpetta gretastella 3 - Palma

Photo credits: Greta Stella / Velvet Lab


Its subtly flattened form recalls the shape of the earth, an organic design that complements the graphic pattern and color scheme of the wallpaper. Suspended vertically in pairs and solo, the orbs seem to float in mid-air like bubbles above the dining tables, creating a delicate rhythmic motif that recurs across the room.


Vibia - Stories - Bolpetta gretastella 12 - Palma

Photo credits: Greta Stella / Velvet Lab


Upstairs, a horizontal version of Palma is displayed along a metal axis. Interspersed with greenery in customised configurations, it evokes a hanging garden that connects light and vegetation as in the natural landscape. The plants spill over the sides, lending an informal attitude to the space while providing a warm glow of wraparound illumination.


Vibia - Stories - Bolpetta gretastella 19 - Palma

Photo credits: Greta Stella / Velvet Lab


Tucked into a corner of Bolpetta upstairs is a round table illuminated by Skan lights. Designed by Lievore Altherr, Skan’s streamlined silhouette mimics the circular shape of table below and creates a contained corner that feels cozy and intimate.


Vibia - Stories - Bolpetta gretastella 28 - Skan

Photo credits: Greta Stella / Velvet Lab



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