Featured on Instagram: Euroluce 2019

Thousands trek each year to Milan, Italy for the world’s largest international furniture exposition where the city is completely taken over by design, art and architecture. Biannually the lighting portion, known as Euroluce, descends upon the show, bringing the industry’s brightest to the masses. See the city and Vibia stand through the eyes of the visitors, featuring new proposals by Arik Levy, Stefan Diez, Sebastian Herkner and more.


PLUSMINUS by Stefan Diez




PALMA by Antoni Arola



KONTUR by Sebastian Herkner



GHOST by Arik Levy




KONTUR by Sebastian Herkner



TOP by Ramos & Bassols




HALLO JEWEL by Martín Azúa



FLAT by Ichiro Iwasaki



TEMPO by Lievore Altherr



STICKS by Arik Levy



GRADIENT by Marteen De Ceulaer