8 ways of lighting up your Christmas table

For those wanting a Christmas spirit minus the fuss, light up your dinner table with the subtle charm of the SKAN collection: minimal volume meets optimal functionality with an added dose of contemporary design.






If you are looking for a delicate ambiance on Christmas Eve, the SLIM light fixture, which takes shape via an elongated cane, radiates with a subtle, direct and magical light.




The RHYTHM collection combines minimalism and movement to convey sublime sensations: from soft waves to abstract shapes and forms of light. #RHYTHM is for those that wish to astonish their guests with a spectacularly lit Christmas table.




If you wish to light up your holiday meals with a geometrical, urban design, the LINK ceiling lighting system will create customized silhouettes and volumes in accordance with the features of the room. Lighting levels can also be adjusted to create special ambiances.




MATCH is all about simple, functional fixtures that can be transformed into a ‘customizable chandelier’. Thin steel rods of steel and LED light terminals can be manipulated to form a light sculpture that makes an ideal accompaniment to the disordered harmony of Christmas dinner.





Christmas holidays are about surrounding yourself with a warm and cosy feeling. The WARM collection will wrap your home with a comfortable welcoming light, and bring together timeless elegance and contemporary design.





The HALO family of hanging light fixtures is born from the fusion of light and material substance through a skilful and inconspicuous use of technology. The lightweight elements used in HALO will provide your interior spaces with a subtle and magical lighting ideal for enjoying your home during the holidays.





Christmas holidays are a time for relaxing and day-dreaming. With an organically shaped translucent opal matt glass, the VOL lighting collection acts as an ambient light source and gives the illusion of a larger and more comfortable room by increasing warmth and intimacy.