Arik Levy’s Architectural Inspiration for Vibia’s Structural

Characterized by its crisp cubic volumes, Structural makes a striking minimalist statement. Encased in a spare aluminum box and paired with slim metal rods that both support and separate the geometric forms, it creates the appearance of points of light connected in space.

Structural was designed by Arik Levy, who found inspiration in ancient architecture and primitive dwellings, such as caves. Illuminated by crude torches placed in corners, the flames lent height and dimension to the far reaches of the primitive spaces.

Vibia The Edit - Arik Levy’s Architectural Inspiration for Structural

Fully customisable, the LED-powered fixture provides a flexible lighting solution that can be positioned in places where illumination is normally not found—along a corner, close to the ceiling, spanning a wall and ceiling, or standing alone.

Vibia - Stories - Design Structural

Its unique design deconstructs the light from its source and casts it in unexpected places, bathing walls in a bright wash of direct and indirect light without glare like glowing, sculptural silhouettes.

Vibia The Edit - Arik Levy’s Architectural Inspiration for Structural

Structural’s streamlined, understated shape integrates into any environment. “There is no place this cannot go,” explains Levy. “It has 0% design and yet 100% design. This could fit in any historical building or in a very contemporary building. In the former, it will look like the contemporary part of the design and in a contemporary space it will merge and flow with the minimalist architecture.”