Composing Light



The opportunity of composing light in space, adapting to the unique requirements of each environment and the people who inhabit them, creating evocative ambiences charged with sensuality.

Lighting should be so much more than illumination; it should reflect the creativity and je ne sais quoi of the space.  It provides a source of light and artistic inspiration defining the space by more than just its utilitarian function, bringing out soul and feeling.



Wireflow  XL

The graphic language of the designer defines the compositions within a space which is open to the interpreter’s own creation. Designer Arik Levy’s perspective on the modernized chandelier combines wire, pressed glass and steel rods, transcending the mere sum of light and material to become a work of illuminated art.





Like the notes that make a melody, Cosmos is organized in space in order to generate its own universe. Cosmos offers accent lighting that creates the appearance of planetary bodies in orbit, creating a scenic masterpiece.




Luminous vectors…. a suggestion of ethereal lines and circles of radiance floating in mid-air become strokes of light across an architectural sky.  Designed by Martin Azúa, these are composed of a myriad LED strips, and encased in an opalized PMMA diffuser, to provide creative freedom and flexibility of design in any space.