Creative Solutions for Brightening Corners

The unique architecture of a space will at times present challenges for lighting design. Corners can be particularly problematic, often in special need of illumination due to the dead zones they create around them. Vibia offers creative solutions for brightening corners with a range of stunning luminaires to suit any style.

Vibia The Edit - Flamingo

A blank canvas of white walls provides the perfect backdrop for Arik Levy’s Structural lamp. A design that deconstructs its light source, A simple cubic forms areis stationed on each wall and united via slender metal rods that both join and separate the volumes.

Vibia The Edit - Creative Solutions for Brightening Corners - Structural
Vibia The Edit - Tel Aviv Designer Selects Structural for a Contemporary Residence

Encased in an aluminum box, the LED bulb bathes the walls in a glare-free wash of light. Seamlessly integrating into the architecture and doubling up as cubist décor, Structural is fully customizable and offered in various depths and widths.

Vibia The Edit - Creative Solutions for Brightening Corners - Structural

Another Arik Levy design, the Sticks collection is also ideal for corners. It features three aluminum rods that rotate on their own axis, allowing light to be directed precisely where needed. Endlessly versatile, they can be combined in any direction—from wall-to-wall, wall-to-ceiling, or floor to wall.

Here, two sticks rise from the floor, leaning against a corner in a relaxed, yet refined X silhouette.

Above it, another installation takes up position in a dark nook in the ceiling. It draws the eye upwards with its intersecting angles, the glowing poles producing their own architectural planes in space.

Vibia The Edit - Creative Solutions for Brightening Corners - Sticks
Vibia The Edit - Creative Solutions for Brightening Corners - Sticks

“By leaning a pair of Sticks, we manage to turn a forgotten space, an ordinary corner, into a suggestive scene light.” Carlota Portavella, Interior Designer

A third Sticks installation straddles the corner of a media room. The design zig zags across two walls, connecting them in a beautiful geometry that recalls the look of an avant-garde floating sculpture.

Vibia The Edit - Sticks Wins the 2021 Interior Design’s Best of Year Award
Vibia The Edit - Personalise corners with Sticks

Another corner space is illuminated by Martín Azúa’s Halo Jewel. The luminaire presents light as a precious ornament, its spare linear silhouette suspended in space like delicate bijou on a necklace. Here the pair dangle above two small side tables, creating a focal point and completing the vignette with their glowing presence.

Vibia The Edit - Creative Solutions for Brightening Corners - Halo Jewel

Positioned beside an abstract artwork is the Guise pendant by Stefan Diez. The innovative hanging lamp is crafted from precision-cut crystal imbedded with a row of recessed LEDs. The light source appears invisible within the glass—hence its name—while the delicately engraved surface radiates an intense glow. Suspended low just above the slatted bench, the cylindrical volume sets off the painting with a warmth that balances the image’s cool, graphic colors.

Vibia The Edit - Guise wins Red Dot Awards
Vibia The Edit - Creative Solutions for Brightening Corners - Guise

In a minimalist seating area, Arik Levy’s North wall lamp takes up position in the corner. The deconstructed, adjustable design features three pieces: a triangular aluminum shade containing an LED-powered light source, a slender carbon fiber stem, and the wall base. The striking form cantilevers out from the wall to rest over the wooden table, casting a downwards pool of light that creates a cozy, welcoming feel around the table.

Vibia The Edit - Creative Solutions for Brightening Corners - North

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