Extending Natural Lighting with Vibia

As the lighting industry continues to evolve, a new area of interest is lighting that connects us with outdoors. There are many well-documented theories that connect natural lighting to comfort and wellbeing, as such we have grown to work and respond to these types of conditions. “Natural Lighting” is based on the idea of connecting with nature, bringing the outdoors deep within the space. Lighting with Ketra lamps are able to deliver the right type of light at the right time of the day.

Vibia The Edit - Circadian Lighting

To create Natural Light, you need to connect intensity with color tuning to create the right environment. Setting intensity or brightness levels low at the beginning and end of the day and high midday to correspond to the natural world. Color tuning is another method, opting for cooler (4000k to 10,000k) temperatures midday to promote attention and warmer temperatures (3500K to 2700K) when the sun is rising or setting for a relaxed atmosphere.

As part of its mission to promote better spaces through better living, Vibia has introduced the use of Ketra LED bulbs whose cutting-edge technology allows customers to easily bring beautiful Natural Light throughout their space. The bulbs are operated by a seamless control system—Lutron HomeWorks for residential use and the Athena system for commercial settings. The Intelligent lighting system communicates directly with the bulb to adjust color temperature and intensity to mimic the outdoors throughout the day.

Vibia The Edit - Circadian Lighting Warm
Vibia The Edit - Circadian Lighting Warm

Various Vibia luminaires utilize Ketra bulbs, including the Warm lamp by Ramos & Bassols. A contemporary take on a timeless design, it features a classic drum form resting atop a sleek steel base. It’s offered with a translucent aluminum or mesh shade and adopts a Ketra A-20 bulb. To find a Ketra-ready fixture that fits your space, look for the brand’s mark in Vibia’s web specifications.