Garden Path Lighting Solutions from Vibia

Garden Path Lighting Solutions from Vibia

One of summer’s simple pleasures is spending time in the garden—particularly those that beckon with lovely landscaping and well-designed details. Ensuring a garden and its walkway are properly illuminated to make the most of the space, showcasing the natural beauty and brightening the path while drawing attention to specific spots. Vibia offers a range of lighting solutions especially suited to this task, fixtures that integrate with the environment in both form, material, and finish colors.

Designed by Xuclà, Palo Alto is at once natural and architectural. Its sleek, angular silhouette is available in various minimalist shapes and earthy brown and green finishes, recalling a tree whose form blends into outdoor settings seamlessly. The upper reaches of the steel “branches” are imbedded with slim swaths of LEDs, casting a diffuse downward glow to guide one along a garden path.

Reminiscent of its namesake plant, the Bamboo floor lamp by Antoni Arola and Enric Rodríguez features a slender stalk studded with LEDs. The organic profile perfectly lends itself to a garden environment, serving as a subtle punctuation point on a walkway and casting a warm wash of light. Bamboo ranges in height from 35” to 106” and comes in beige green and oxide finishes.

True to its name, which means breeze in Spanish, Brisa is delicate and graceful. Designed by Lievore, Altherr, Molina, its long, slender stem is topped with a hanging, conical shade that captures the bloom’s languid look. Offered with one, three, or five revolving arms, it resembles a solitary plant or grouping of flowers in khaki or rust finish options. The LED-powered floor lamp casts a warm, bright beam, ideal for focused illumination along a walkway.

A Xuclà and Alemany design, Break conjures a collection of rocks found in nature. The floor lamp is offered in multiple avant-garde styles: a beveled cube that casts a strong beam of downward light over the surrounding area and a pair of blocky volumes stacked atop one another, the space between them allowing LED-powered light to pass through. Break comes in oxide, and concrete finishes.