Instagram Love: Mayfair

The Mayfair collection by Diego Fortunato reimagines the traditional, 19th-century French bouillotte lamp in a modern design. Available as a pendant, table, or floor fixture, its sleek steel stem bisects the spherical shade in an elegant interplay of lines and curves.

Hanging above a kitchen counter, Mayfair creates a boundary with the open dining area and casts a focused pool of light that facilitates food preparation.

The table lamp offers a timeless touch on a streamlined coffee table, its glossy green hue adding contemporary flair.

Suspended over a dining table and chairs, the pendant enhances the minimalist tableaux with restrained sophistication.

A floor lamp stands sentry beside the lounge chair, completing the seating area with a note of quiet composure.

Finished in rich gold, the Mayfair table lamp adds a luxe look to a cabinet while picking up the warm tones of the books beside it.

Clean and crisp, the floor lamp’s white finish and metal construction play fresh counterpoint to the room’s neutral tones and plush upholstery.

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