Lighting the winter

Lighting the winter

Thanks to the slight inclination of the earth’s rotation we get to experience the cycles of the changing seasons. The northern hemisphere is plunged into colder and shorter days during the winter. Light becomes less intense and less available. So we have to compensate. Winter mood is all about this time when we draw closer together, when home takes on a special significance.

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Lighting is one of the keys ways that our interiors respond to these changing meteorological conditions, to aid our psychological as much as physiological wellbeing. Like our changing diet and wardrobe winter mood examines how our spaces adapt to the coldest season of the year.

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Winter sun is brittle and piercing with low latitude that sharpens its rays. The cut glass chandeliers of old captured this sensation and came into their own during winter. Today modern pieces with striated crystal do precisely the same thing, picking up reflections during the day and refracting the light at night. Arranged in geometric patterns that evoke the frozen structure of snowflakes.

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By adding low level lighting inside our home our eyes are much more attuned to the outdoors in winter. This cozy indirect lighting if combined with a useful piece of furniture takes on an additional function.

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Textures take on a much more important role in home décor during the months of shorter day light. Not just for their tactile quality but the visual interest they lend the home in winter. A statement lamp with soft even illumination is the ideal way to showcase soft furnishings and materials with texture.

Roof lights in the winter are a god send, light from above provides soft natural day lighting. Add a sconce to recreate the effect after night fall.

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Winter is a time for staying in. Islands of light in the living room help define areas for reading, relaxing or binging on favorite TV shows. Add a sculptural feature to carve the space with a background luminous glow.

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For winter getaways we are drawn to the mountains; the snow, the clear air, the light make it the perfect place to unwind. Roaring fires, shared meals and après-ski set the scene in mountain cabins. Clear starry night skies become suddenly visible when we escape the city, suspended feature fittings with points of light recreate the effect indoors.

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Group a few armchairs, a rug and a coffee table beside the hearth and add a feature light for winter comfort. When night falls deep shadows draw intimacies and winter warmth. During the day the pieces compliment one another to create an attractive decorative ensemble.

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