Lighting Up Cozy Winter Residences

When the days are short and the temperatures low there’s nothing better than whiling away the hours in a warm, comfortable home. We’re partial to interiors that are contemporary yet cozy and accented with lighting that beautifully brightens the long, dark days. Read on to find a couple of our favorite spots, stylish winter retreats that rival any alpine lodge and make you never want to leave your nest.



A prefabricated residence in Slovenia known as the Casa Invisible provides a modern backdrop for minimalist décor softened with plush throws and textural rugs.




Decked out in pale wood paneling, the open floor plan living area and kitchen feature a graphic black-and-white color scheme illuminated by a pair of sleek Skan pendants by Lievore, Altherr, Molina.


Vibia skan winter retreats invisible house


The elegant, LED-powered fixture is defined by lean, pure lines and casts a broad, bright downlight above the dining table. Skan’s matte charcoal finish plays counterpoint to the kitchen’s milky hues, which nod to the winter wonderland outside.



In Bratislava, Slovakia, a sculptural, white-cube home features a striking material mix of concrete, rich wood and glass paneling along with organic touches like cowhide-clad stools.


Vibia plus winter retreats white cube house


A compelling interplay of crisp lines and smooth contours, the contemporary design is marked by the asymmetrical, orb-shaped Plus ceiling lamp by X. Claramunt & M. de Mas in the foyer and living area.


Vibia plus winter retreats white cube house


Ideal for winter’s short days, the white matte lacquered Plus simulates the sun’s rays with a convex methacrylate diffuser that lends the dimmable light an ambient, uniform quality