Maison de Charme

Architectural studio, DreamDesign, transformed a vacation house near Kyiv, Ukraine into a welcoming family home in the project, Maison de Charme. Fashioned with high ceilings and an open floor plan, the designers completely reinvented this space by focusing on balance and creativity.



Vibia’s COSMOS was one of the elements incorporated into this redesign. COSMOS, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, hangs right above the kitchen table. Inspired by satellites orbitin a moon in space, this fixture embodies the endless possibilities the universe holds. These flat disk pendants have a smooth texture, imitating softened stones at the bottom of a river bed.




COSMOS serves as a statement piece easily, creating an elegant yet daring juxtaposition of shapes within the dining space. The muted earthy tones bring together the warm colors of the surrounding area, while the flat orbs create an illusion of space and depth to the rather open room.


Composed of large opaque celestial disks, this pendant comes in single or cluster variations with LED technology. Available in a matte light gray, matte green and matte dark chocolate lacquer.