Merging Light and Matter: The Halo Collection

Designed by Martín Azúa for Vibia, our Halo collection represents the seamless merging of light and matter. Powered by LED that remain invisible within their simple, translucent molds, the light flows freely from its source. Halo is secured to the ceiling by inconspicuous cords, evoking the look of artful mobiles floating in space—airy and ethereal with a subtle sense of movement.



Available in three linear or circular compositions, it can be customized in infinite configurations to suit myriad spaces. In the HS 90 Degrees art gallery in Beirut, Lebanon, Halo Linear is deployed in disparate groupings along one wall of the loft-style layout. Suspended over a bank of desks, it breaks up the expansive space, the abstract shapes evoking sculptural works that perfectly suit the setting.



At Clever Park business center in Ekaterinburg, Russia, an installation of Halo Lineal provides a dramatic focal point in the minimalist lobby. The sticks set at jagged angles echo the Cubist-style desk below it, casting crisscrossing shadows across the room and creating the illusion of light jumping from one rod to another.



In a private residence in Perguia, Italy, Halo Circular generates twin rings of uniform light and anchors the minimalist, open-floor plan. Suspended like constellations in the night sky, the spherical forms offer a celestial, organic sensibility, its rounded shape mirroring the gentle curves of the concrete wall.