My Pick: 2018 Collections

The tired adage, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” denotes one essential truth: taste is unquestionably subjective. Happily, our 2018 Spring Collections are characterized by adaptable designs and charming details so that every architect, interior or lighting designer can find a proposal that delights and captivates.

We sent these designers an exclusive preview of our new catalog and asked, “what’s your pick?”


Leonardo Caion-Demaestri, an Architect and Designer at architectural giant Gensler’s New York offices, tells us his pick is the new customizable creation, Algorithm, designed by Toan Nguyen.

The endless possibilities of this collection make it for a very moldable and customizable view into how one single lighting solution can be reinterpreted through the architect’s eyes on a project-by-project basis.

Leonardo Caion - My pick Algorithm


Conor Wood, an Architect at Surround Architecture in Boulder, Colorado, also favors Algorithm.

Adaptable and refined, this holds the space of large rooms while providing great light coverage.


Back in the Northeast, in Boston, Massachusetts, Melissa Mattes of Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting shares her thoughts on Mayfair, a table and floor lamp collection named after a posh London neighborhood designed by Diego Fortunato. Why? Simply stated, “It is clean, eloquent, modern, sophisticated, classy and relevant.

Melissa Mattes - My Pick - Vibia Mayfair


Ben Niamthet, an architectural designer for BurkettEUA, in Denver Colorado, loves, “The clean simple design is quiet and elegant. The metal finishes are classic but fresh look.

Ben Niamthet - My Pick - Vibia Mayfair


Not to be forgotten, Flamingo, designed by Antoni Arola, is a pendant light with simple shapes yet delightfully intricate details. The weightlessness of the shade gives the appearance of an ethereal cloud of light, floating in space.

Heather of Tomei & Tomei Creative Consultants out of Hawaii says it’s her pick for project work because, “The shape is soft and would work well in multiple applications“.

Heather - My Pick - Vibia Flamingo


So, what’s your pick?