My Pick: The Latest Collections 2018. Palma, Musa, North

Vibia asked architects and design professionals what their new favorite product is from the new 2018 collections. Here are some of our favorites:


PALMA, designed by Antoni Arola, allows an interior to take on a life of its own, by integrating plants with different lighting compositions. Inspired by the beauty and purity of hanging gardens, this fixture helps to incorporate natural beauty and greenery into our homes.

Architect and lighting designer at ReMM, Michela Mezzavilla, in Barcelona Spain stated:

“I like how the sphere of light is reinterpreted in a way that brings it closer to nature, with its slightly flattened shape and its ability to live spontaneously among plants. It’s an interesting evolution of a familiar Mediterranean look and feel. I can see how this family of luminaries could easily fit in my residential or hospitality projects.



MUSA, designed by Note Design Studio, embodies delicate elegance. This luminaire is warm and subtle, yet strong and powerful as a poetic expression of light.

Vibia Architect, Raul Garcia, in Mexico chose MUSA as his pick:

MUSA is a poetic expression of light with organic qualities that evoke both the power and force of nature. Versatile elegance, characterized by its mobility and subtle curves over which the light can be dimmed through a simple contact. It is a reference to the natural world that is easily and harmoniously integrated with its environment.”

Vibia - Stories - My Pick 2018 _ Musa


NORTH, Floor-Pendant, designed by Arik Levy, is a 2-in-1 fixture, as it can be both a pendant and a floor lamp. It is the floor lamp that floats in air.

Swedish Agent, Tomas Lofgren from SMAK Design AB, stated:

“This addition to the North family, I think, is ingenious. It solves a problem that often occurs when you want a pendant lamp, but the electrical point is not in the right position on the ceiling. It does so in a playful way and the fixture becomes an elegant hanging mobile with almost invisible wire and the electrical connection at the floor level. The construction with the counterweight and cable makes it also very flexible in the way that you can place the stem and shade in the most suitable way.”