Vibia Presents Plug-In Pendants

Plug-In Pendants

Prefer the look and lighting effect of a pendant but lack the hardwiring it requires? If you live in a rental apartment without the proper electrical source, a temporary space that’s too costly to wire, or a historical home where it’s impossible to create an opening in the wall or ceiling you may worry you’re out of luck.

Thankfully, Vibia provides the perfect solution with several pendants that offer plug-in capability: Flamingo, Wireflow Free-Form, and North Floor-Pendant.


Designed by Antoni Arola, Flamingo displays the elegant poise of its long-legged namesake.


Vibia - Stories - Plugin Options - Flamingo


Its deconstructed design is a delicate sculptural form that separates the LED light source from a series of shades to produce gradations of diffuse illumination. It appears to hover overhead like a bird in flight, its plug providing a grounded counterpoint to the feeling of weightlessness.


Arik Levy’s Wireflow Free-Form traces an airy geometric outline in electrical cable, the dimmable LED fixture doubling as a striking graphic mural.


Vibia - Stories - Plugin Options - Wireflow Freeform


Powered by a wall plug, it can be configured in endless spatial arrangements with a choice of one to nine LED light points and a wall or ceiling canopy.


Defined by its deconstructed design, the North Floor-Pendant by Arik Levy is a synthesis of a floor and suspension fixture.


Vibia - Stories - Plugin Options - North


Levy’s aim was to visually connect the floor and ceiling without wiring the walls, placing light exactly where needed. Composed of three separate pieces—a triangular aluminum shade with an LED-powered light source, a slender carbon fiber stem and a counterweight on the ground that connects to the electrical cable—it represents a dynamic system of adjustable parts.