Skylights by Vibia: sky from the ceiling

Not just lighting fixtures, these models radiate light which cascades from the ceiling. Objects that can be integrated with interior design and architecture, influencing layout and making rooms come alive. Vibia skylights make it possible to design a ceiling featuring daring sculptural objects and superb lighting effects.




Light is the medium through which we perceive architecture and space, when that light is natural so much the better however in many circumstances that light needs to be augmented by artificial light. This collection of SKYLIGHTS produced by Vibia, takes its inspiration from the classic architectural device that introduces daylight deep into the plan without the requirement for access to natural light.


Through the use of innovative technology, refined engineering and clever design this collection of SKYLIGHTS gives interior designers and architects the opportunity of introducing a powerful and practical source of illumination into all kinds of spaces and projects.


Whether installed individually or combined to create luminous compositions these collections; LINK XXL, BIG and PLUS represent a powerful tool to sculpt the light which is the source of our spatial perception.




Resembling a cubic architecture assemblage extending from the ceiling the LINK XXL modules are designed to be composed creatively, sculpting the ceiling surface mounted modules available in four sizes of varying dimensions and heights.




Designer Ramón Esteve has come up with this ambient lighting solution using LED technology to recreate the effects of natural light inter-reflected within the interior cavities of these sculptural light boxes based on indirect light. Allowing for up to 8 modules can be joined using a single electrical canopy, the system versatile and is also dimmable and multi-volt, making it easy to use in a variety of applications.






BIG is enormous, in terms of both size and innovation, revolutionizing the traditional concept of a ceiling light, up to now practical but small and unambitious.




Firmly putting the ceiling light center stage, BIG makes an XXL impact. Designers Lievore Altherr Molina have re-imagined the humble ceiling light as a skylight by enlarging the acrylic diffuser to cover almost the entire fitting, providing an even luminescence over this circular fitting available in 40 and 48 in. versions, available as a surface mounted fixture. The beautifully uniform lighting makes an even more powerful when used against a dark ceiling. Now available with either chrome or white matte lacquer trim.




Vibia also produce a pendant version of BIG which can be angled and is perfect for commercial, corporate, and even hospitality applications, where the project goal is to make an impactful statement with maximum effect.




A light fixture that ingeniously recreates the effect of natural light filtering through a skylight in the ceiling. Designed by X. Claramunt & M. de Mas for Vibia, PLUS provides an ambient light through its convex methacrylate diffuser which attenuates the overall luminance.




The PLUS collection includes a range of options and sizes. A highly versatile 14” version that is wet location rated, suitable for outdoors and humid environments like bathrooms. The 32 and 48 in. versions  also allow a seamless integration with the interior architecture. The light source is dimmable making it appropriate for residential or contract use.




Finished in matte white lacquer, once installed, PLUS can be painted to match the selected the ceiling or color scheme.