The making of Suite

Suite is a hybrid collection of object and light fitting designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal for Vibia, their starting point was looking at the way light is used within living areas of the home, adjacent to a sofa or by the bed.

Vibia The Edit - The making of Suite

Spaces that are generally occupied by auxiliary or occasional tables, shelves or night stands and which serve as a support for personal or decorative objects, multimedia devices or old-fashioned books. The collection was only made possible because of the opportunities offered by LED technology.

Vibia The Edit - The making of Suite

“…the choice of light source is key and the technology plays a fundamental role because its technical characteristics and minimal format allows greater creative freedom, a greater range of possibilities with fewer technical restrictions and that allows for the possibility of creating new more innovative and diminutive lighting typologies.”

Jordi Vilardell

The collection features two types of light, direct and indirect ambient light provided by specific elements. An angled shade or organic luminous ‘stone’ can be combined with a recessed ambient indirect light.

The choice of LED technology affords greater energy efficiency both in terms of the actual energy consumption and also in the way that the Suite collection reduces the overall light pollution by considering visual comfort and the light levels required for the specific areas where the fitting is used. The collection represents an evolutionary step forward in what the designers term a ‘soft’ approach to night time lighting that is more discreet and affable.

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