The Story Behind Flamingo with Antoni Arola

Vibia - Stories - Story Behind Flamingo - Arola

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Product designer Antoni Arola deconstructs Flamingo’s design, the inspiration behind the name and his favorite thing to design.


How did you come to design Flamingo?

My approach is always about doing something that will last longer than a simple trend. The client’s challenge to me was to create an atmospheric light using traditional screens, but with an LED light source. LED is a hard and aggressive source and you need to be quite careful to avoid excessive concentration of light. The solution was to project the light from a distance, instead of wrapping the screen with the source. Incidentally, it came to life with through a multitude of variations, the possibilities of screen combinations were endless.


Why “Flamingo”?

Flamingo is a bird with long legs, delicate, elegant and very particular. Flamingo lamp matches many of the same characteristics of the bird.

Vibia - Stories - Story Behind Flamingo - Colorway 1


What is your favorite thing to design?

Once when I was in school, in arts and crafts I was making a kind of head from pipes and colored translucent paper. I went home and put a light bulb inside, making it a lamp. Over the years, light has won me.

Vibia - Stories - Story Behind Flamingo - Colorway


What’s next for you?

On the horizon, the light always comes back and, with it, the colors!

In 2018 Vibia will launch another collection by Antoni Arola, PALMA, soon available in a special Fall/Winter supplement for North America.


Vibia - Stories - Story Behind Flamingo - Palma 


Find out more about Antoni Arola and his collections for Vibia here []

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