Vibia presents a wide ranging portfolio of designer ceiling lamps offering innovation in their materials, forms, lighting effects, functional applications and in the design process of all its ceiling lamp collections. These lamps include an extensive range of sizes, light sources (LED, fluorescent), lighting control and varieties of installation (fitted, semi fitted and surface mounted) so that every individual can find the perfect ceiling light for the requirements of their space. Through the use of innovative technology and refined design, the Skylights ceiling light collection provides interior designers and architects with the option of introducing a natural daylight effect within any given room or design project.



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Designed by
X. Claramunt and M. de Mas
The designers X. Claramunt & M. de Mas who both originally come from the architectural, interior design and industrial design sectors have provided Vibia with two ceiling light designs: the Plus collection and the Stage collection. Plus groups a series of different types of ceiling lamps that provide a general background light inspired by natural daylight; on the other hand the Stage lighting collection consists of focused spot lights for accent lighting.