Vibia Presents: Iconic Wall Lights

Sometimes discreet, sometimes sculptural, the striking Vibia’s wall lights provide spatial depth and artistic plasticity to walls, converting them into authentic three-dimensional murals only defined by light. Here is a selection of some of our most memorable collections, suitable for both public and private spaces and allowing the user myriad composition possibilities.

Vibia The Edit - Tempo wall

Timeless character, the Tempo collection by Lievore Altherr draws vertical lines on a canvas-like wall. Always in the pursuit of balance and harmony, the acclaimed Barcelona-based design studio reimagines the interplay between opacity, translucence and transparency with this design.

Vibia The Edit - Tempo
Vibia The Edit - Tempo

A romantic presence radiating a smooth glow, the Tempo wall lamp presents three shades with an architectonic profile: an organic-shaped bistrot globe, an opaline diamond and a small brilliant bubble. This glass tulip recreates the perfect ambiance in any space, either a hotel entrance, a workspace or a quiet corner of a home.

Vibia The Edit - Lighting the winter - Tempo

A contemporary reminiscence of the classical rosette motif, Top by Ramos & Bassols rises up like a glowing star. Defined by a pair of concentric circles generating a halo of indirect light, this wall fixture performs as an abstract artwork.

Vibia The Edit - My Pick: Wall Lights Top

A study in geometry and color, the Top sconce wall emanates with a soft, ambient light, welcoming the user with comfort and bringing a sophisticated yet minimalist aesthetic to any interior.

Vibia The Edit - Iconic Wall Lights - Top
Vibia The Edit - Iconic Wall Lights - Top

An Ichiro Iwasaki design, the Pin wall lamp showcases a striking choreography of light, subtle in form and daring in performance. Its streamlined silhouette combines lean lines with bold circular volumes, easily catching the user’s eye and doubling as a décor.

The Edit - Vibia Lighting Brightens Bedrooms - Pin

Providing both indirect and focused light by only rotating the diffuser, each of the seven version of Pin flawlessly adapts to a wide range of spaces such as circulation areas or an intimate bedroom.

Vibia The Edit - Iconic Wall Lights - Pin
Vibia The Edit - Iconic Wall Lights - Pin

Light and vegetation collide with Antoni Arola’s Palma, painting a compelling natural landscape on the wall. An outstanding organic design recalling the earth’s shape in a green planetarium, composed of two semicircles of blown opal glass joined by an aluminum strap.

Vibia The Edit - Iconic Wall Lights - Palma
Vibia The Edit - Iconic Wall Lights - Palma

Multiple floating configurations of plantings and wall lamps are allowed, both vertical and horizontal, creating a pure lighting effect ideal for public spaces.

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