Vibia’s Customizable Lighting Creates Personalized Dining Spaces

Dining areas are just as different as the homes they occupy and call for personalized lighting to accentuate their unique aesthetic. Here, we showcase three projects that utilize Vibia custom designs to striking effect, creating a brilliant backdrop for a range of dining rooms.


In a loft-like Toronto home, architectural firm Project1 Studio selected the Match pendant to highlight their dining space and separate the kitchen on one side from the living area on the other.

Vibia - Stories - Residential Projects - Match_residence 1-2

The bespoke silhouette features three clusters of Match’s metal rods—one over each chair. With the prime feature of the midcentury-modern residence a large bank of windows overlooking the yard, the pendant’s airy architecture proved ideal.

“Any other light over the dining room table would have obstructed view, so this was the perfect fixture,” explains the homeowner. “It’s subtle but at the same time so elegant and so austere it just fits right in.”

Match Residence 1


In an airy Vienna apartment with an open floor plan, designer Franke Leuchten defined the dining area with the Algorithm pendant designed by Toan Nguyen.

Algorithm Schubert

Recalling a constellation of illuminated drops that appear to float in space, the hanging lamp forms a striking focal point that’s perfect for this multifunctional interior.

Algorithm Schubert

Arranged to span the length of the table and thereby framing the space, its hand-blown glass LED-powered spheres are positioned at different heights for a dimensional feel.

Algorithm Schubert

@Franke Leuchten


The owners of an apartment in Bari, Italy, opted for two lighting installations in their dining area. In the long, narrow space, the architectural firm, Sgaramella, configured Vibia’s Algorithm to neatly fill the space above the counter seating. The glowing orbs brighten the far reaches of the room and add a polished note to the casual eating nook, while the black-and-white color scheme adds a graphic touch consistent with the décor.


At the opposite end of the room, the Match pendant, designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, delineates a more formal dining space.


The customized cluster of jagged rods tipped with LEDs points directly downwards, emphasizing the compact table below. Its striking silhouette doubles as dramatic décor without blocking the light from the nearby window.