Challenges and resolutions of Vibia’s team for 2024

As we enter 2024, Vibia, like all companies, faces numerous new challenges that will shape our success over the coming year. From integrating new digital tools to reaching new markets, the team needs to navigate a number of key challenges in order to continue to thrive as a business. We asked members of the team from various areas what they consider to be their biggest professional challenges for 2024, how they plan to overcome them, and whether they have any tips for others. A number of cross-functional challenges emerged.

Enabling better use of data and digital tools

Digital transformation is an ongoing process and technological innovation will continue to reshape Vibia for decades to come. One of the key challenges highlighted by collaborators was enabling the dynamic use of data across different areas, as well as a desire for deeper knowledge around digital management tools.

Key challenges

“To deepen my knowledge of digital management tools I will establish a routine timetable that allows time for this each week.”

Elisabet Jerez, Finance Director

“The primary objective for this year is to advance in the personalisation of messages and content through data analysis and the exploration of artificial intelligence, in order to strengthen the connection with our users and significantly improve their experience.”

Judith Hernández, Communication Manager

Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024
Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024

“If you know your long-term goal, or at least for this year, you should consider how you are going to achieve it, setting yourself small deliverables to be able to assimilate the challenge in a better way.”

Alejandro Caldentey, Data Lead

Contributing to company growth and development

Contributing to company growth and development emerged as a key objective for a number of individuals in 2024. This year, Vibia will launch a new general catalogue integrating numerous lighting effects and new collections. As well as stabilising existing processes, the team suggested the need to prepare the company’s foundations for scaling up, leveraging innovative platforms, and establishing strategic partnerships that help Vibia stand out.

Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024

“I would recommend having a clear strategy, making sure you have all the necessary resources (human, non-human, financial and technological), a good mix of lowlights and highlights, positivity, resilience and high-performance teams.”

Toni Orts, Operations Director

“Always go one step further in the search for and contribution of creative, innovative, sustainable and technological solutions that reflect Vibia’s differentiated product.”

David Latorre, Product Development Manager

Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024
Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024

“My challenge will be managing the day-to-day with all its struggles and challenges, while still trying to focus on the big picture for Vibia as a global company. I will continue to stay positive, grow with the challenges and be the best I can be for my colleagues and the company.”

Anthony Pagliuca, Finance Operations Manager

Enhancing employee wellbeing

When employees thrive, business thrives. Employee wellbeing improves job satisfaction, mental health, and work-life balance, but it can also lead to greater productivity and a culture that attracts and retains top talent. One of the key challenges that emerged for Vibia in 2024 was to support the team and contribute to Vibia being “the place to be”.

Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024

“I believe that passion for what you do is the key to success. So my recommendation is that you find in Vibia what really motivates and excites you, strive to find what really connects with you, and then the challenges will overcome themselves.”

Ana Navarro, People Business Partner

Professional development

One of the most common challenges for Vibia in 2024 was learning to adapt to change through professional development. Whether it’s a new role, a change of department or an unexpected professional challenge, the ability to cope with change can decrease stress, increase productivity and lead to exciting new opportunities.

Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024

“I don’t like to give advice, but I would tell people not to be afraid, to lean on everyone they can and never throw in the towel. If you believe in something, go for it.”

Laia Sala, Supply Chain Specialist

“I recommend perseverance, anticipating possible situations and not losing sight of the objectives.”

Antonio Arteaga, Assembly Operator

Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024
Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024

“We should consider that all these changes are to create a better future for Vibia and, for that, we must do our part.”

Judit Cabezas, Supplier Accountant

“I would recommend applying for as much training as possible and with the right attitude to overcome new challenges.”

Mónica Curbelo, International Customer Service

Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024

Strengthening communications

Communicating Vibia’s evolution as a company is predicted to be a key challenge for the team this year. Vibia has evolved its offering beyond products, elevating interior design as fundamental to designing atmospheres of wellbeing. The team has been working on the launch of a layer of services, which will be key in the development and evolution of the company.

Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024

“This year, we propose to improve and guarantee a positive customer experience, maintain high levels of satisfaction, optimise processes and establish a connection that drives brand loyalty to Vibia. Together with the new catalogue launch we intend to implement a proactive and exceptionally responsive service, adapting to the necessary demands.”

Teresa Borrás, Customer Service Manager

“My challenge will be to ensure that service becomes an essential pillar, coming up with a clear and educational strategy to highlight the added value we bring through these services. The key will be to make each project carry the distinctive Vibia signature as a synonym of excellence and personalised attention.”

Giulia Fadda, Project Conversion Manager

Vibia The Edit - Key challenges 2024

The company portfolio has evolved to incorporate a holistic range of products. This new offering will require a great deal of coordination and collaboration between the company’s internal team and the project’s eco-system of professionals.

“The key will be to build strong communication bridges so that each project flows harmoniously.”

Giulia Fadda, Project Conversion Manager