Holistic bedroom lighting

The bedroom is more than just a place to sleep: it is a restorative space in which to slow down and unwind from the pressures of modern life; an intimate space where we can reconnect with loved ones; and a personal sanctuary for indulging in beauty and wellness rituals. Crafting a comfortable atmosphere is essential for our physical and mental well-being. Lighting design should consider the intended use of space and establish a harmonious ambiance that reflects our emotional needs as they evolve.

Sticks lends an industrial, contemporary look. A dynamic design by Arik Levy, it disrupts surrounding planes to form a new architectural dimension. Composed of slender aluminium rods, a unique two-stick composition connects the wall to the ceiling above the bed, its graphic silhouette drawing lines of light into open space.

Vibia The Edit - Sticks Wins the 2021 Interior Design’s Best of Year Award

For a sleek alternative, Slim by Jordi Vilardell casts an accent downlight onto a bedside table, creating a peripheral pool of ambient light that’s ideal for reading by. Suspended from the ceiling by a slender cable, its vertical dynamism is compelling, combining well with classic furniture and exposed stone walling.

Vibia The Edit - Winter Retreat - Slim

Designed by Ramos & Bassols for Vibia, the Top ceiling light offers a new take on the classic ceiling rose. A pair of simple concentric circles cast a flattering, uniform glow that’s ideal for general bedroom lighting. The central diffuser creates a focal point, light reflecting back in the larger disc to create a halo effect.

Vibia The Edit - Iconic Ceiling Lights - Top

The Tempo collection explores our shared recollection of light. Hanging delicately from the ceiling by a slender cable, the design features a nostalgic diamond-shaped glass diffuser that casts an inviting, all-encompassing glow at the bedside.

Vibia The Edit - Tempo

Vibia’s holistic portfolio provides a combination of ambient, accent and task lighting to shape the perfect bedroom atmosphere. From subtle and intimate to intense and invigorating, layers of light can be used to evoke different moods while providing the right illumination for specific tasks, from getting dressed in the morning to late night reading.

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