Instagram Love: Cosmos

Designed by Lievore, Altherr, Molina, the Cosmos pendant consists of a cluster of minimalist, lacquered discs in different sizes. The flattened forms recall intergalactic shapes floating in space, its glowing, LED light source enhancing the celestial feel.

In an office conference room, Cosmos provides a pop of color and clear focal point overhead while adding a bold accent in the understated interior.

Suspended in an open space, a Cosmos installation finished in green, brown, black and white perfectly picks up the multihued veining of the marble backdrop behind it.

Three Cosmos discs hover over a wooden table, their sleek, organic form and contemporary colour palette playing modern counterpoint to the rustic material below.

Suspended above a kitchen counter from twin canopies, Cosmos’ saucer-shaped silhouette reinforces the culinary setting as it brightens the length of the island.

A restrained dining space is complemented by a compact Cosmos configuration overhead, its quiet composure echoing the Zen-like mood of the space.

A combined dining-living space plays host to a large-scale Cosmos installation. The luminaire commands the space, the eight discs balanced in perfect equipoise overhead.

An artful arrangement of Cosmos pendants brightens and connects both sides of a large table with twin compositions that appears in dialogue with one another.

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