Instagram Love: Workplace & Corporate

Well designed places and spaces make it a joy to come to work each morning. Here is a look at how architects and designers used lighting to best affect the different zones throughout the office.


The Welcome

A streamlined reception area uses Slim pendant light in carbon fiber to compliment the natural wood and stone materials. The pendant’s concentrated light points focus the illumintation on the desk below.



To work or not to work?

Geometric shapes and lines define each of these booths, creating an aura perfect for a few moments of solitude with a laptop or coffee. Skan pendant in graphite provides warm task-level illumination without glare that make either work or dining an ease.



Community of wellness

Light and vegetation become interconnected within indoor settings, recreating the sensation of natural environments. Cosmos pendant light features earthy tones and a finish texture that emulates smooth rounded surfaces worn over time by nature. Kombucha with colleagues? Yes please!



Statement spaces

Stairways and other circulation zones are often overlooked. Dressing them up with project specific personalized lighting like Algorithm can turn those areas into a focal point of the design.



Getting down to business

When the conference room is where you meet with visitors and potential clients, impeccable lighting and a striking design can add a lot the the bottom line. Match pendant light is tailored to each project for a look as unique as your business.