Light Without Limits: Shaping Atmospheres With Plusminus

An atmosphere can be defined as the “character, feeling, or mood of a place or situation.” Our response to a space is often unconscious or instinctive. We react to a subtle play of light, composition, materiality and space, which if combined effectively can improve our mood and generate a profound sense of wellbeing.

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With the right tools, design professionals can shape a specific atmosphere, encouraging multisensory responses that have a positive impact on our quality of life. That’s where Plusminus comes in: a single tool with unlimited potential for transforming our perception of a space.

Shaping the perfect atmosphere requires a delicate balance between natural, architectural and decorative lighting. Daylight can have a stimulating or calming effect, depending on the weather or time of day. Likewise, a combination of architectural and decorative lighting can help us feel more energised, sociable, relaxed, or even romantic.

The luminosity, intensity and tone of light will enhance the expressive capacity of the space as well as its objects. The key is to create a harmonious ambience, using a variety of luminaires positioned at different points to adapt to a specific activity or moment.

Plusminus does just that. Designed to conform to any kind of architecture, professionals can personalise their configuration, conducting light with complete freedom by drawing the belt to the desired position. Pendants, chandeliers, track lighting or spots provide different levels of diffuse and focused illumination, all from the same single point of connection.

Fixtures can be connected and positioned at will, directing the gaze and enhancing particular aspects of a space and its objects.

Design is the language of emotion. By harnessing the creative potential of Plusminus as a design object, professionals can generate an instinctive “feeling” for a space, regardless of whether it is switched on or off. Make a statement with the distinctive belt pulled taught and contorted into a dynamic zigzag.

Lend a touch of warmth and charm to your hallway by suspending multiple pendants loosely from above. Accent a dark corner of your home with a single, intimate spot. Anything is possible with Plusminus.

To capture Plusminus’ capacity for exploring dynamic compositions and distinctive lighting effects, we’ve defined eight key categories:

Visual Hierarchy
Raining Light
Reimagining Spaces
Framing Space
Defying Gravity
Flowing Pendants
Creative Canopy Connection
Suspended Animation

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