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Vibia’s Lighting Solutions section aims to educate and inform. An internal help center, this category is full of answers and practical tips on a range of topics, from lighting products and design software to inspired decoration and unique design ideas. It’s The Edit’s go-to project resource for design, personalization, technology, installation and more.

The New Era of Lighting: Introducing Plusminus

Designed by Stefan Diez, Plusminus is a groundbreaking new lighting system that gives material body to invisible electric currents, allowing light to be sculpted into whatever shape you desire.At the heart of the Plusminus …

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Vibia Presents: Iconic Wall Lights

Sometimes discreet, sometimes sculptural, the striking Vibia’s wall lights provide spatial depth and artistic plasticity to walls, converting them into authentic three-dimensional murals only defined by light. Here is a selection of some of ...

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Play with… Rhythm

Rhythm is a lighting collection that connects designers with their inner child. Recreating the excitement of playing with a modular toy that so happens to be a practical tool for adding a creative ...

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Create an Outdoor Oasis

If the recent heat wave is anything to go by, we'd better get ready for a long hot summer. From barbecues and al fresco dining to relaxing poolside with a good book, the sunny ...

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