Vibia’s New Showroom and Headquarters

Vibia’s New Showroom and Headquarters

Inspiring Interior Design for Imagining the Future of Light

The interior design project for the new Viba showroom makes both its objectives and spirit crystal clear marking a new era for the company. The aim is to provide a centre for design combined with a hub for services. To become a relevant meeting point as well as a collaborative and shared space for architects, interior designers and other professionals working in the sector, with an international dimension. A headquarters that is at once functional, comfortable and a social space.


Vibia - The Edit - New Headquarters
The interior design project for the reception area and showroom was carried out by the Francesc Rifé Studio. The main entrance is a declaration of principles: light filled, playful, transparent, respectful towards the architectural space. Rifé equipped the reception space with a rose wood lattice that wraps around the area providing visual and climate protection. The colour scheme softens the triple height space while also maintaining its representative spirit. The access to the showroom combines detailed ironwork structures and oak timber.
Vibia - The Edit - New HeadquartersThe Wireflow Chandelier light fitting designed by Arik Levy presides over the triple height reception space lending it an unmistakable character.
The showroom where the Vibia lighting systems are displayed occupies 2,050 sq.m. of space. The various collections are exhibited there organised into “small architectures”; semi-open volumes provided with lattice screens, restrained translucent fabrics and curtains, an allusion to the architectonic as well as decorative facets of light.
The generous connecting terrace which is linear in configuration was designed by the interiors studio in collaboration with designer Josep Lluis Xuclà. Two large pergolas provide protection from the sun, tracing a hypnotic graphic pattern of shadows on the ground. Fulfilling a double function: a space to present Vibia’s outdoor lighting collections as well as a space for staff meetings and hosting outdoors events.
Vibia - The Edit - New Headquarters
The “Light your Way” space is located at the heart of the showroom, is a unique area where Vibia aims to explain the manner in which projects can be customised. Francesc Rifé has configured it as a sophisticated container lined with oak wood where visitors are brought to find out about the technology and experience what it is to customise a light fitting. Two specific black coloured built-in storage cabinets stand out that allow the visitor to play with the product, combining different pieces and colour samples. The use of oak evokes the warmth an intimacy of the typical Vibia illumination. The minimalist essence of the space, the technical precision and architectural vocation of the firm.
Vibia - The Edit - New Headquarters
The creation of this one off room responds to an evident reality: 90% of the lighting systems produced by Vibia can be customised. In other words the final result is the end product of an ongoing dialogue between designers, architects and manufacturer in order to advance and imagine the future of light.
The public area is completed by a lounge, dining room with a capacity for twenty people and a generous kitchen dominated by an island that can be extended for informal get-togethers. This is the most social area, the highlight culminating in the sharing of food at a table that lends a more informal and laid back feel to the meetings with professionals from the sector that are held regularly.
Vibia - The Edit - New HeadquartersMusa the lamp created by Note Design Studio is used over the dining tables allowing its iconographic character to be fully appreciated. The hanging version of Palma by Antoni Arola perfectly illustrates its capacity to create suggestive horizontal compositions.
The project for the office and the factory within the same building was conceived by the design studios Saus Riba Llonch architects and Carlota Portavella, interior designer. With the layout and the furnishings an efficient working environment has been created that is agile and facilitates cooperation between the different departments. Each of the spaces is provided with natural light and views thereby ensuring the wellbeing of the Vibia team within a functional but comfortable setting that is defined by rigor and creativity.
Vibia - The Edit - New HeadquartersAs a ceiling light Duo by Ramos & Bassols, combines the warmth of the wood lining with the technical precision of its metal surround.
The new Vibia headquarters as a centre for design underlines the consolidation of the firm’s international dimension. The company today distributes its lighting systems to 103 countries, sharing its innovative advances in six languages and has started welcoming professionals from all over the world. The building measures a total of 16,000 sq.m. which as well as offices and showroom includes the factory floor with automated robotic goods handling and storage technology.
Vibia - The Edit - New Headquarters

The location which is close to the centre of Barcelona just a few minutes drive from the airport, makes Vibia accessible to both local and international professionals.

Project design Credits:

Vibia’s New Showroom and Headquarters
Centre for design and services provider
Architecture: Saus Riba Llonch arquitectos  
Interior Design: Carlota Portavella
Showroom & Lobby: Francesc Rifé Studio 
Terrace: Josep Lluís Xuclà