Perceptions of Chromatica

A renowned multidisciplinary design firm, Stockholm-based Note Studio understands the importance of color in creating atmosphere and bringing design to life. That’s why Vibia chose to partner with the company in developing Chromatica, an innovative color concept aimed at designers and architects.

Featuring a proprietary palette of 23 hues, the first-of-its-kind creative tool complements the materials commonly found in design projects—concrete, metal, bricks, for example—to create timeless, visual impressions.

Note Studio product designers Malin Engvall and Kristoffer Fagerström first experienced Chromatica at Vibia’s Barcelona showroom, where the “color system” is expressed through an evocative installation of Note’s Musa wall lamp. The two shared their impressions and discussed how it helps to convey a design story through the interplay of light, color, and material.

The Light colors, Fagerström observes, don’t dominate the lighting source or the interior. Instead, they spread the light, washing the walls and floor with softness and establishing a soothing mood. Engvall noted that in naturally darker settings, such as their native Sweden, these Light tones would have a greater impact, beautifully brightening and reflecting the light.

Vibia - The Edit - Perceptions of Chromatica

The Dark colors, they believe, emphasize a fixture’s silhouette and create a strong contrast between the light it casts and its inky hue. The lamp’s profile pops, says Engvall, the glow seemingly consumed by the form that contains it. For Fagerström, the dark palette also conveys a sensation of cosiness, safety, and comfort.

With the Neutrals, the designers spoke of an overall sense of harmony because the hues adapt to their environment. The colors are inherently versatile and won’t compete with the light cast by the lamp or alter the natural light entering the room.

Vibia - The Edit - Perceptions of Chromatica

Fagerström and Engvall were impressed by the strong emotional impact of the Vibrant category and admire its bold attitude. Fagerström commented on its depth of complexity—the hues are brighter in the center and less so on the edges where the light is not as bright. Engvall responded to its positive energy and noted the striking tonal differences when the light is on or off.

Vibia - The Edit - Perceptions of Chromatica

The Subtle scale of colors generate a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for the designers. Because the hues are inspired by nature, Fagerström could see them easily accommodating architectural needs and a variety of building materials. Engvall commented on the warmth when illuminated and the compelling textural quality of the product when unlit—a captivating difference.

Vibia - The Edit - Perceptions of Chromatica

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