Spotlight on Corporate Workplaces: The Hague’s Spaces Building

Spotlight on Corporate Workplaces: The Hague’s Spaces Building

Today’s most cutting-edge companies are creating workspaces that reflect their innovative approaches, environments that both facilitate collaboration and inspire employees with unique designs.


Case in point: the Spaces building in The Hague. Housed in a historic 1920 brick building with a modern makeover by architect Sevil Peach, the design reflects prevailing business priorities of flexibility and teamwork. The lighting is integral to the atmosphere, expertly deployed to suit each distinct space, while offering a striking contemporary complement to the traditional structure.


A notably narrow meeting room features the Slim pendant by Jordi Vilardell. Distinguished by a series of long, slender strands, it draws the eye upward in an echo of the room’s vertical architecture. The glass pieces dangle dramatically over the table, the ends tipped with a frosted diffuser for a candlelit ambience.




Illuminating a row of open cubicles, Big by Lievore Altherr Molina casts a warm glow that mimicks the effect of a skylight. The minimalist, dome-shaped fixture offers direct light over each workspace, its circular form serving as a kind of canopy to define each cube.


Be inspired - Oficinas - Spaces en la Haya_05


Designed by Martín Azúa, the customizable Halo lends the effect of light floating in air. Hanging above a conference table, clusters of the Halo Circular fixture are arranged in a ring, its round configuration reinforcing the table’s form and creating a feeling of cohesiveness.


Be inspired - Oficinas - Spaces en la Haya_03


In another meeting area, Halo Lineal complements the architecture of the long, rectangular table below it, while its disparate play of lean lines adds a dynamic feel.


Be inspired - Oficinas - Spaces en la Haya_02


Vol by Lievore Altherr Molina features three fused layers of mouth-blown Murano glass. Grouped together over a conference table, its organic oval forms evoke whimsical thought bubbles floating overhead in a friendly focal point.


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