Wireflow: Compositional Freedom Meets Unlimited Potential

Composition is an essential aspect of any interior design project. Generating a visual connection between elements turns your interior into a story, an experience, expressed through the language of emotion. A well-composed space remains fluid and creates harmony between distinctive features. Light can be used as a compositional tool, to direct the gaze and highlight specific objects, areas or architectural elements. When it comes to lighting design, adaptability is therefore paramount.

Vibia The Edit - Play with Wireflow

Imagine if a single lighting collection could accommodate a whole range of spaces, styles and compositional requirements? Designed by Arik Levy, Wireflow is defined by its unlimited configurative potential; it consists of a customisable system of pendants, offering design professionals an innovative toolkit for endless exploration.

With four unique iterations to choose from, the collection promises to accommodate any kind of space, no matter how unique the architecture.

Available in 4, 6 and 8 diffuser versions, Wireflow 3D’s distinctive volumetric aesthetic will draw the eye to specific focus points without visually overcomplicating an area.

Suspending an oversized geometric structure to the side rather than in the centre of a room can bring new depth and life to a symmetrical space.

Pushing the boundaries of design with the latest LED technology, attention will naturally flow to a Wireflow Chandelier, especially when hung in a spacious area such as an open staircase or hallway.

Vibia The Edit - Shaping Atmospheres With Plusminus

Depending on the density of composition and width of each layer, it can be shaped into a glittering canopy of terminals or a cascading pyramid, spanning multiple stories and unifying the space with its slender profile.

A vehicle for self expression, Wireflow Lineal provides a unique opportunity for compositional experimentation. Employing Vibia’s cutting-edge configurator software, this graphic variant invites the designer to play with patterns by drawing fine lines directly into the air with each cable.

Its two-dimensional form can be modified to adapt to specific project requirements, taking the pendant to a new and futuristic dimension.

True to its name, Free-Form adapts easily to any environment, offering a carte blanche when it comes to shaping an interior.

Arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically, its cables can be directed to form unexpected visual rhythms across a wall or ceiling, or to branch out from a central point and delineate specific activity zones within a space.

With the option of a wall or ceiling canopy, ambient or accent lighting and a choice of one to nine LED light points, Free-Form offers maximum versatility in both form and function.