About Us

About Vibia

Vibia exists to create beautiful atmospheres, using lighting design to generate meaningful responses that have a positive impact on the human experience. We put people at the centre of everything we do: their feelings, their desires and ultimately their wellbeing. Elegant, sensual and universal, Vibia speaks a language of emotion that connects us with the world.

Better spaces, better lives

We recognise interior design as fundamental to the culture of wellbeing; good design generates a sense of beauty and harmony that helps us to feel good and live better. We provide the tools for design professionals to create beautiful spaces that people can enjoy in any context or timeframe. We seek universal, essential design that has a positive impact on humanity and enduring value.

Design beyond Light

We aspire to lead a lighting revolution, breaking the rules of lighting design by introducing a new, holistic and expansive view that goes beyond light to incorporate materiality, composition and use of space. We believe that it is only when these four pillars of interior design come together in harmony that we can truly generate a sense of wellbeing.