Lighting That Looks to Nature

As part of its mission to provide better spaces for better living, Vibia offers many collections that conjure the natural world—in inspiration, design, and materials.

Vibia The Edit - Lighting That Looks to Nature

Among them are Palma, designed by Antoni Arola. With this lamp, plants one typically associates with an alfresco setting take pride of place indoors, creating an interior landscape to rival an outdoor one.

Vibia The Edit - Lighting That Looks to Nature Palma
Vibia The Edit - Lighting That Looks to Nature Palma

Inspired by ancient hanging gardens, it connects light and vegetation as in the natural world. Pure and elemental, Palma’s organic design accommodates greenery along its axes.

Vibia The Edit - Transitioning to life outside - Palma

Duo by Ramos & Bassols is similarly inspired by nature. Featuring a rich, wood interior and gently curving organic form, it exudes a soothing, enveloping sensibility.

Vibia The Edit - A natural touch: Duo by Ramos & Bassols

The simple, circular silhouette contains a veined oak timber interior that stands in counterpoint to its sleek aluminum shell. The wood lends the LED-powered fixture a warm glow while the exterior ensures even distribution of light.

Vibia The Edit - Iconic Ceiling Lights - Duo
Vibia The Edit - Duo

Recalling its namesake plant, Antoni Arola and Enric Rodriguez’s Bamboo is distinguished by a slender silhouette and a stem studded with LEDs.

Vibia The Edit - Lighting That Looks to Nature

It serves as a subtle punctuation point indoors or outdoors and casts a warm wash of light along hallways, walkways, and common areas. Three earth-toned finishes enhance its natural look.

Vibia The Edit - Lighting that looks to nature - Bamboo
Vibia The Edit - Lighting That Looks to Nature

A Xuclà and Alemany design, Break conjures a collection of rocks found in nature.

Vibia The Edit - Outdoor lighting tips from Xuclà - Break

Avant-garde Break floor lamp, a beveled cube that casts a beam of downward light over the surrounding area.

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