Outlining the Air: Flowing Pendants with Plusminus

Beyond its grand decorative potential, pendant lights play a pivotal role in the pursuit of beauty, harmony and foremost, wellbeing. Not only can they provide an instant style upgrade to foyers, reading nooks or workspaces, ultimately completing your décor, but also bring professionals the possibility to shape the desired atmosphere or mood, as a response to whatever their needs. All in all, an inseparable match.

Plusminus does just that: it acts as both a groundbreaking aesthetic feature and a cutting-edge creative toolkit. Endlessly versatile, this unique design concept opens the doors to a new dialogue between space, light and human experience, and hosts an array of tailored lighting configurations.

Based on a textile belt that weaves electricity in its wake, the one-off lighting system by Diez Office allows for free placement of multiple luminaries and the customisation of light solutions on the spot. With outstanding adaptability to any interior and exploring original shapes and angles, this fabric belt performs different lighting effects by combining luminaire types such as spheres, cones and linear diffusers; creating the right scenario for concentrating, socialising or even relaxing.

Defined by their flowing, continuous forms, Plusminus pendants provide endless possibilities for illuminating a space. Suspended overhead in silhouettes, soft and draped or taut and precise, their graphic presence creates distinctive ambiances.

Both object and high-performance lighting toolkit, Plusminus offers personalised atmospheres while doubling as a striking visual sculpture. From emulating a tidal current through a romantic, airy composition to a multi-level geometric light cascade of strong lines, gleaming, eye-catching choreographies are danced overhead, the beams coming to life and bathing the space in elegance, comfort and uniqueness.

No matter if there is a dining room, a hotel entrance or a private library to illuminate, Plusminus pendants set the scene and expand it to every corner in a 360-degree light effect, simultaneously outlining a new concept of lighting from above and center stage.

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