Visual Hierarchies: Creating a Synthesis of Atmospheres with Plusminus

Visual hierarchy significantly influences our experience of an interior. It draws your eye to certain architectural characteristics, decorative elements, activities, objects or scenarios within a space. When employed strategically, visual hierarchy will attract our eye to the whole composition and then lead us to various “focus points” by creating different levels of priority.

To create a visual hierarchy, an interior designer must consider how the human brain perceives visual cues and the influence they have on our emotional response to a space. We tend to notice large elements and bright colours before smaller objects or muted tones. Spacious interiors direct our focus towards individual elements, whereas clutter typically confuses the eye.

Repetition and symmetry create harmony, whereas contrasts stand out. Light also plays a fundamental role in creating visual hierarchy. It can be used to direct the gaze and enhance particular aspects of a space and its objects.

Plusminus allows professionals to create visual hierarchies within any space by combining architectural lighting with more focused, diffuse or decorative luminaires.

With just a single electrical connection, its revolutionary fabric belt offers endless flexibility of use, conducting electricity across a wide range of ceiling shapes and angles and transporting light precisely where needed, no matter how unique the architecture.

The shape of each fixture, the warmth and intensity of the light it emits and the direction of its beam can create diverse scenarios within a single space. Light up an evening meal with the glow of a low hanging pendant, illuminate a forgotten corner of your living room with a pair of dynamic strips, or create parallel activity zones with a pair of strategically positioned wall lights.

Whatever your needs, Plusminus provides a range of lighting effects with different levels of diffuse and focused illumination to create a perfect synthesis of atmospheres.

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