Q&A: Meike Harde

Meike Harde is a multidisciplinary German designer with her own studio based in Cologne. Meticulous in every aspect of her work and with a fine knowledge of materials, she rethinks textile applications to create visually light and constructively smart designs. Studio Meike Harde is increasingly active for notable international furniture brands. Common materials often appear in new contexts as Meike’s visual language overcomes established forms.

For Meike it was clear from her childhood that she would do something creative. After studying product design in south west Germany where students were given total freedom to experiment with different materials and applications, she later embarked on an internship at Studio Benjamin Hubert in London where she learned how to apply this approach to the business market.

“There is no special place or way to get inspiration. It’s a question of time.”

Meike’s attitude towards lighting is emotional, her designs atmospheric. The Knit collection was her first collaboration with Vibia. Consisting of a single knitted lycra sleeve stretched out over a large elliptical polymer diffuser, light seeps outwards through the fabric creating an intimate luminous effect.

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