A New Language of Lighting: The Structural Collection by Arik Levy

Designed by Arik Levy for Vibia, the Structural collection is defined by its architectural attitude and masterful minimalism.


Vibia - Stories - Structural By Arik Levy_pg 19


Simple cubic forms pair with slender metal rods that both join and separate the volumes, creating points of light connected in space. The design deconstructs the light source and casts it in unexpected places.


Vibia - Stories - Structural By Arik Levy-pg34


The collection is fully customisable and can be arranged in countless combinations —a flexible lighting solution that integrates seamlessly with a room’s architecture. Available in sconce, ceiling, wall-to-wall, and wall-to-ceiling versions, Structural can be positioned in a corner, spanning a wall and ceiling, or standing alone.


Vibia - Stories - Structural By Arik Levy-pg38


Marked by lean lines and defined coordinates, these innovative configurations create glowing sculptural silhouettes that double as cubist wall décor.


Vibia - Stories - Structural By Arik Levy_pg36


The LED-powered light source is encased in an aluminum box, bathing walls in a bright wash of direct and indirect light without glare.


Vibia - Stories - Structural By Arik Levy_pg30


Structural comes in a choice of grey finishes.