A Window of Light: Vibia’s Skylight Collection

Abundant natural light is one of the most desirable attributes in a space, both to showcase the design and décor and to create a warm and welcoming environment. But when light is limited, skylights offer a reliable way to brighten a room.


Inspired by this architectural feature, Vibia created a collection of “skylights” to mimic the effect of the sun shining down upon an interior. Whether used alone to supplement natural light or in combination with another lighting scheme, these fixtures provide radiant illumination and instantly add warmth and ambience.


Utilising leading-edge technology, Vibia skylights are available in styles round or rectangular, subtle or striking to suit a range of sensibilities and spatial constraints. They provide designers and architects practical solutions for brightening dim interiors and generating stunning lighting effects while transforming a ceiling into an artful sculptural landscape.



The Up lamp by Ramos & Bassols was inspired by the look of neoclassical cornices.



With a depth of merely 7 centimeters, the surface-mounted fixture adds an understated yet distinctive design element that blends seamlessly into the ceiling in round or rectangular shapes.



With its innovative flat diffusion system and refined rim, Up gives the appearance of light passing from an opening in the ceiling through a sleek frame.



Link XXL

Designed by Ramón Esteve, Link XXL features a series of geometric light boxes that recall an urban skyline.



Four connecting modules of differing shapes and depths enable infinite customised ceiling silhouettes and help create a clear focal point in a room. The crisp, cubic forms are integrated into the ceiling architecture, with light seemingly entering the interior at different heights.


Requiring only a single electrical connection, the versatile Link XXL is powered by a dimmable LED that produces an indirect, soft glow within the hollows of each volume.



As its name suggests, Big is ideal when seeking an oversized impact.



A Lievore Altherr Molina design, it reimagines the utilitarian ceiling light with an enlarged diffuser that covers nearly the entire circular fitting. Available as a pendant as well as built-in or surface-mounted ceiling styles, Big’s pared-down design evokes a glowing orb overhead.



It recreates natural daylight with dimmable, diffuse illumination and works especially well with high or dark ceilings.




The Plus ceiling lamp designed by X. Claramunt & M. de Mas adopts the form and function of an actual skylight.



It simulates the sun’s rays with a convex methacrylate diffuser that lends the dimmable light an ambient, uniform quality.



Available with inset, semi-inset and surface-mounted fittings that can be painted to match your décor, the smaller sizes are intended for outdoor or bathroom use, while larger styles—including an asymmetrical version—suit a variety of interior settings.