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The Experience
of Wellbeing Design

A Holistic Approach

Vibia exists to create beautiful atmospheres, using lighting design to generate meaningful responses that have a positive impact on the human experience. We put people at the centre of everything we do: their feelings, their desires and ultimately their wellbeing. Elegant, sensual and universal, Vibia speaks a language of emotion that connects us with the world.

Our purpose

Better spaces,
better lives

We recognise interior design as fundamental to the culture of wellbeing; good design generates a sense of beauty and harmony that helps us to feel good and live better. We provide the tools for design professionals to create beautiful spaces that people can enjoy in any context or timeframe. We seek universal, essential design that has a positive impact on humanity and enduring value.

Vibia - Better spaces, better lives
Vibia - Design beyond light

Our vision

Design beyond light

We aspire to redefine contemporary lighting, breaking the rules of lighting design by introducing a new, holistic and expansive view that goes beyond light to incorporate materiality, composition and use of space. We believe that it is only when these four pillars of interior design come together in harmony that we can truly generate a sense of wellbeing.

Our values

Six guiding principles that shape the way we work








Our commitment to
responsible consumption

Vibia - Commitment Responsible Consumption

Design with values

Vibia stands for timeless, essential design. Representing universal codes and values, the formal expression of our products makes them appropriate within any context or timeframe, guaranteeing quality and enduring value.

Conscientious materiality

Flawless materiality makes for extreme durability and long life. We optimise our use of materials by achieving minimum thickness, avoiding the use of glues and ensuring each piece can be easily separated and disassembled.

Efficient consumption

We minimise day-to-day electrical consumption thanks to our low voltage LEDs with superior lighting performance.
Our wide range of control systems and variety of light fittings guarantees efficient energy consumption for any configuration.

Efficient projects

The versatility of our products means they can be easily integrated within any space with minimal intervention or installation infrastructure. This efficiency minimises the environmental impact of our products over their entire lifespan, from project design through to installation.


We aim to guarantee complete replaceability across our entire product range and their individual components, preventing the need for sophisticated equipment or unnecessary product returns.

Recyclable packaging

A rigorous choice of materials and processes ensures our packaging is 100% recyclable. Through consolidated design and customization for each product we facilitate transport while ensuring minimal use of materials.


As user needs evolve in response to new requirements, the unique characteristics of our product range allows for re-use and adaptation to new spaces.


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Vibia is a global lighting company born in Barcelona.

  • Vibia - HQ Barcelona
  • Vibia - HQ Barcelona
  • Vibia - HQ Barcelona
  • Vibia - HQ Barcelona

Internationally recognised for its artistic and cultural heritage, Barcelona has become a hub for creative talent with an impressive design and innovation ecosystem. With the support of our local partners, Vibia has been able to channel the city’s legacy towards building a global business with a presence in 103 countries worldwide.

A brand in constant evolution, we have achieved sustained and profitable growth through our expanding catalogue of contemporary products. Today, Vibia is a global benchmark in innovative lighting solutions, offering a comprehensive service and championing a new, holistic approach to lighting design.

We believe that sharing what we do and how we think is the best way to build trust. Our doors are always open to those who share our common goal: to design beautiful spaces that improve lives and generate wellbeing.

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