Back to Work: Reimagining Comfort in Working Spaces with Vibia

All good things come to an end, and summer is no exception, of course. It’s time to leave behind dreamlike sunsets, endless resting days and memories around families and friends, and to go back to the routine like a house on fire. To face this comeback with a positive attitude and no post-holiday blues, not only it is essential to take it easy: optimal lighting is also helpful for concentration, productivity, and comfort in the office.

A permanent glare might cause distraction and disturb users in working spaces. Luminaires with UGR levels below 19 are specific solutions to guarantee our efficiency. The UGR method, standing for ‘united glare rating’, provides information about the degree of psychological glare of a lighting installation in an indoor space, within a scale of 10 to 30, from less to more perceptible.

The Sticks UGR version casts effective task lighting. Fusing technology, space, and architecture, this creative toolkit enables light to flow through space and adapts to any creative needs thanks to its minimalist aluminium rods, unlocking multiple customizable combinations in its wake.

Pure and graphic lines and a sophisticated touch meet a smoth, direct light in this design by Arik Levy.

The two linear UGR<19 versions of Plusminus are also effective to prevent dazzle. Flawlessly versatile and taking fluidity and functionality as hallmark, this elevated interpretation of the classic light rail consists of a conductive textile strip which displays an unprecedented myriad lighting solutions.

Combining shapes, colors and textures, this groundbreaking system by Diez Office allows designers and architects to integrate light indoors and radiate wellbeing and comfort –plus, a red-hot pace at work.

Medium brightness and clarity of forms come together in the high-efficiency version of Plusminus, direct lighting seeping through its extended beam. The second UGR<19 model of this collection promises high comfort and low glare –an ideal mix for work or meeting areas.

The Flat hanging lamps by Ichiro Iwasaki are suitable for working spaces as well, projecting a less specific gleam yet enveloping. A striking study in form and geometry, its metal planes descend from the ceiling while creating unique multi-level light compositions.

An evocative lighting effect also presented by Lievore Altherr’s Tempo. Its different options of blown-glass diffuser floating overhead not only bath any space in drama but can also favour our concentration and, in short, make our return to work somewhat easier.

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