Vibia’s Duo: Behind the Design

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A striking combination of warm wood and industrial metal, the Duo ceiling lamp is distinguished by its compelling material contrast. Featuring a veined oak interior contained within in a sleek aluminum shell, the gently curved silhouette evokes a soothing, enveloping sensibility.

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Designed by Ramos & Bassols, Duo was inspired by the use of simple wood and concrete to define areas of a construction site. Reimagining that look for a lighting fixture, they paired richly textural wood with sleek, high-tech metal. The combination provides versatility and a compelling visual juxtaposition between the earthy, organic interior and the more refined exterior.

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Working with two very distinct materials—each possessing a different thickness—presented technical challenges. Wood is difficult to maneuver, whereas the sheet metal and use of a lathe provided more manufacturing precision and the ability to form the fixture’s outline.

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Incorporating LED technology was critical to Duo’s design. The knurled glass diffuser lends the illumination a natural lends the illumination a natural effect that’s enhanced by the wood’s warm glow, while the exterior ensures an even distribution of light. Affixed to the ceiling, Duo integrates into the architecture like a skylight channeling the brightness from outside.