Vibia Brightens Rome’s Airport Lounges

These days, few people associate flying with style and comfort. But several new airport lounges challenge those assumptions. Up to You Studio, a creative agency based in Barcelona and Hamburg, that specializes in global design projects around the world. Applying the same refined standards to two Roman airports as they would any upscale design project, they have reimagined the passenger lounge space for the international company Avia Partner.

The city’s Fiumicino airport features three lounges by the firm, all of which incorporate Vibia lighting in their contemporary designs.

The Star Alliance lounge in Terminal 3 exudes modern Italian style—sleek without sacrificing comfort. Highlighting the local culture, Up to You selected all Italian-made furnishings. For the lighting, they opted for several Vibia fixtures. The Mayfair table lamp by Diego Fortunato tops side tables in various seating areas. Crafted of gleaming gold-finished metal, it’s an updated version of the traditional 18th-century century bouillotte light and offers an elegant, understated note to the space.


Vibia - Stories - Rome airport lounge - Mayfair table lamp


Vibia - Stories - Rome airport lounge - mayfair lamp - 2


Punctuating a row of upholstered lounge chairs is a series of Pin floor lamps. Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, they feature a long arm and adjustable head for relaxed reading while its streamlined silhouette allows the striking louvered wall behind them to take center stage.


Vibia - Stories - Rome airport lounge -pin


Directly opposite hangs an installation of Puck Wall Art by Jordi Vilardell. A grouping of disks superimposed upon one another, the soothing organic orbs form a moody mural that recall a solar eclipse.


Vibia - Stories - Rome Airport longue - Puck & Pin lamps


Suspended from the ceiling in the bar area is Arik Levy’s Wireflow Lineal. The two-dimensional fixture traces an airy outline that illuminates the space and allows a clear view of the distinctive geometric shelving.


Vibia - Stories - Rome Airport longue - Wireflow lamp


Le Anfore VIP lounge in Terminal 3 of Fiumicino airport is another Up to You Studio creation. Channeling an industrial revolution influence, it’s marked by brick walls and steel window frames with muted tones of grey and copper that recall the look of metal.


Vibia - Stories - Rome airport lounge - Up


The Wireflow chandelier by Arik Levy brightens the space and provides a dramatic focal point overhead. Its three-dimensional form is composed of black electrical cables that hold aloft pressed-glass LED light points, reinforcing the upscale factory feel.


Vibia - Stories - Rome airport lounge - wireflow


The Studio also featured Levy’s Wireflow chandelier in the airport’s Sala Avia lounge, where pale wooden floors and brick walls combine with spare furnishings for a modern, welcoming atmosphere.


Vibia - Stories - Rome airport lounge - wireflow lamp


The fixture offers a dramatic ring of light yet its open form ensures it doesn’t dominate the space.


Vibia - Stories - Rome Airport longue - Wireflow Chandelier & Pin lamps


Rounding out the room is the Mayfair table lamp.


Vibia - Stories - Rome airport lounge -wireflow chandelier lamp


A single fixture in white adds a refined note to the cabinet where it rests, while a row of black Mayfairs along a swath of bar-style seating lends it the look of a library.


Vibia - Stories - Rome airport lounge - mayfair lamp


In Rome’s smaller Ciampino Airport, Up to You designed the Avia Lounge for pilots and flight attendants. Inspired by the idea of a horizon, they chose a calming blue colour scheme along with simple décor and soothing lighting—all ideal for setting a relaxed mood before flights.


Vibia - Stories - Rome Airport longue - Pin


A pair of black Mayfair table lamps provides a timeless touch along a counter seat, while the Pin floor lamp creates a contemporary, cozy seating area when positioned beside low side tables.


Vibia - Stories - Rome airport lounge


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