Design and lighting come together on the ceiling with the LINK XXL light fitting, easily customized for individual compositions using the company’s online platform.




The LINK XXL fitting, designed by Ramón Esteve allows for the creation of custom silhouettes and volumes on the ceiling to suit all requirements. The collection of lamps is composed of four modules of different sizes and heights that connect with one another allowing for a wide variety of geometries that can be integrated with the architecture of the ceiling.




LINK XXL only requires a single electrical connection which allows for up to 25 light modules to be connected together using an efficient dimmable LED light.


Once the LINK XXL lamp is configured you can:


– Download a personalised file of your own creation, with all the information and images. The result can then be shown instantly.

– Simply ask for a quotation, technical or commercial support from the VIBIA representative in your area.




Start right now by combining several of the LINK XXL modules in order to achieve the right ambient light that best suits your project.