Coffee&Play: Light and play, kinetic Algorithm

Coffee&Play is a recently opened gaming rooms facility located in the city of Seville, Spain that accommodates a variety of indoor leisure facilities combined with a catering service that includes signature cocktails service.

Leisure is the paradigm of contemporary life, both virtual and real-world, Coffee&Play features gaming machines, screens showing sporting events and high-tech video games.




For the lighting aspect of the Coffee&Play interior the architect chose to install the Algorithm lighting installation designed by Toan Nguyen for Vibia. This bespoke lamp has been adapted in a very specific way as a feature fitting, the rods that support the hand blown glass globes, normally in a sculptural  static layout, have been motorised in order to provide a kinetic sculptural installation that can be programmed in a variety of configurations.




As a typology gaming rooms are normally closed to the outside, so the artificial lighting must be carefully controlled given the sensitivity of the monitors, video games and gambling machines. The Algorithm lamp in this context acquires a double function, not only providing a lighting feature but also a ludic aspect that reflects the activities within this space.





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