Crafted to Perfection: Guise’s Premium Glass

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Winner of the prestigious 2018 Red Dot and German Design Awards, the Guise collection by Stefan Diez is crafted of the highest-quality, industrial borosilicate glass from SCHOTT Tubing, the premiere international manufacturer of specialty glass for more than 130 years.


Guise’s precision-cut tubes are formed from borosilicate glass, a lightweight, yet heavy-duty material prized for its superior strength and durability. Highly resistant to even extreme levels of sunlight, heat, corrosive chemicals, and impact, borosilicate glass also offers superior protection against erosion and aging.


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The glass is handmade at Schott’s laboratory in Mainz, Germany, drawing on a combination of cutting-edge expertise and artisanal traditions. Schott provides complete quality control during every stage of production, from delivery of the raw materials to packing of the finished product. Its state-of-the-art glass floating technology ensures remarkable consistency and unrivalled optical and aesthetic results.


Because of Schott’s special melting process and the properties of glass, small air bubbles, inclusions, and tiny scratches may appear. These do not impact the glass’ integrity, performance, or quality. In fact, these natural variations are a reflection of the painstaking handmade process—emblems of Guise’s uniqueness to be expected and celebrated.


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The robust characteristics of Guise’s borosilicate glass are juxtaposed with its delicate etchings, the markings beautifully diffusing the light. Each Guise fixture is a one-of-kind piece, equal parts beauty and strength.


Pictures by:  Gerhardt Kellermann