Curtain: Streaming Light

Curtain is a new lighting typology that combines direct light with a vertical diffuser. These suspended light fittings allow for a daring division of space by illuminating and highlighting different zones as well as playing with the depth and textures of spaces. The light compliments the reflective qualities of the fabrics, playing with the different tones, shadows and textures of the fabrics and generating a cascading vertical light.


Curtain is an Arik Levy design for Vibia, it allows a great variety of applications, according to the way its different versions are used: a chandelier composed of different light planes, an attractive composition to light a dining table or an installation for a reception area.


The collection includes a choice of two colours for the fabrics, white and mink, and two different metal profiles for the light fitting, graphite or lacquered matt white.


The Curtain system is available in three different size widths with variable height and can be installed individually, as a pre-configured assemblage or in more complex configurations that include different finishes and layouts. Providing architects, interior designers and lighting specialists with infinite possibilities to illuminate their projects.


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