Flamingo: Deconstructing light

A long legged light fitting with luminous plumage

The poetic and sculptural qualities of light are expressed beautifully through the FLAMINGO pendant light fitting designed by Antoni Arola.


FLAMINGO is a deconstructed assemblage that provides users with a versatile light fitting that can be easily modified to provide radically different sculptural forms and lighting effects.


By separating the light source from the diffuser which is configured by a series of independent conical rings supported by fine metal wires the FLAMINGO lamp provides an ambient indirect light for living spaces or a more focused task light over dining tables or other surfaces.


“The challenge: to project light onto the shade rather than surrounding the light source. The result: an ethereal effect where the lamp and its lighting appear deconstructed.” (designer Antoni Arola)


The LED light sources can be located in different positions, providing different lighting effects as required. The source can be focused upwards or downwards projecting onto the translucent thermoplastic shade which heightens the feeling of weightlessness. Thanks to its versatility this sculptural fitting can adapt to the proportions of any space whether it be public or private, allowing for multiple configurations depending on the light required.