Deconstructing: The North light fixture

By taking something apart we get to understand more fully what makes it work, its wholeness and intricacies. Deconstruction is exploration. Manufactured by Vibia North represents the exploration by designer Arik Levy into what makes a light fitting.




Light source and base are separated in space, the traditional idea of shade and support are subverted in order to provide a mobile light fitting that can be used for indirect, tenuous and soft illumination wherever it is required.




Through the disassembly of the separate parts, LED light, shade, rod and base Levy constructs a floating light installation that includes floor, wall and ceiling versions.

























Each of the parts is perfectly attuned to its function, the lightweight and structurally robust carbon fibre for the rod and the innovative LED for the source while the metal base anchors the fitting to the ground, wall or ceiling. A sculptural assembly of parts that becomes whole.